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Integrinuity Single Premium Immediate Annuity

This is a plan in which you make a one-time lump sum payment. Thereafter, a guaranteed monthly income check is sent to you each month, in accordance with the terms of the selected settlement option (see below).

  • Very competitive interest rates

  • Available to any issue age up to 90 years old

  • Provides eligibility for Scholarship Benefit

  • Three settlement options:


Monthly payments will be made for a predetermined period that you specify.


Monthly payments are made for the rest of your life.

Certain and Life

Monthly payments are made for a predetermined period, after which payments are made for the rest of your life.

Although WSA Fraternal Life makes every effort to provide current information, annuity rates are subject to change at any time. Please call the WSA Home Office to verify current rates.

WSA Fraternal Life reserves the right to refuse new or additional deposits at any time. Please contact the WSA Home Office prior to sending any deposit.

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