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Integrity Plus Whole Life

A Whole Life product is often called Participating or Permanent Life Insurance because it is designed for the person who desires coverage for life.

A Whole Life plan builds Cash Value over the life of the plan. A Whole Life plan also pays dividends each year which may be applied several ways.

A cash advance can be borrowed by means of a Certificate Loan.  This loan, secured by the Cash Value of the certificate, will accrue interest until the loan is fully repaid.

The premium does not change from year to year.  If the premium is not paid within the grace period, an Automatic Premium Loan can be taken against the Cash Value of the certificate to allow coverage to continue uninterrupted.

Integrity Plus Whole Life offers these advantages:

  • Excellent value

  • Available to issue ages 0-85

  • Guaranteed life insurance through age 100

  • Guaranteed premium each year through age 100

  • Available with Accidental Death supplemental benefits

  • Provides eligibility for Newborn Benefit* and Scholarship Benefit*

  • Integri-Check electronic funds transfer payment option

  • Six dividend options:

Paid Additions

Dividends are applied as a net single premium to purchase Paid-in-Full additional coverage. This increases the Face Value and the cash value of your plan.

Premium Supplementation

Dividends are applied as a net single premium to purchase Paid-in-Full additional coverage until the dividend becomes larger than the billed premium. The dividend is then applied directly to the billed premium thereby reducing the out-of-pocket cost of your plan.

Premium Reduction

Similar to Premium Supplementation, but dividends are applied directly to the billed premium. This effectively reduces the billed premium, possibly eliminating them altogether. Any surplus dividend beyond what is needed for the premium is used to buy Paid Additions.

Accumulate at Interest

Dividends are left on deposit with the insurer to earn interest. Both the interest and the accumulated dividends are available to the certificate owner for withdrawal at any time. The Face Value of the certificate remains level, but the Cash Value increases faster than other options.

Paid Additions

Dividends are returned directly to the certificate owner in cash. The Face Value of the certificate remains level.


Your dividend is applied directly to a WSA annuity where it earns tax deferred interest

*Subject to Benefit conditions

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