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2021 Board of Directors Election

These individuals have been nominated to serve on WSA's Board of Directors:

John J. Kogovsek, Chair of the Board

Member of WSA's Audit, Finance and Administrative Committees.

Mr. Kogovsek was elected to WSA's Board in 1981.

Mr. Kogovsek has a strong background in leadership, gained through his many years of experience as a member of WSA's Board, in particular as its Chair since 1994. In addition to his career as a public educator for over thirty years, Mr. Kogovsek has a strong history of volunteerism, both outside of WSA and through its lodges. This history allows Mr. Kogovsek to successfully merge WSA's dual roles as a financial institution and a not-for-profit with a commitment to member community engagement. His insight and experience in this capacity are invaluable when developing WSA's vision and strategy.

Diana Bartolo, Vice-Chair of the Board

Member of WSA's Audit, Administrative and Nominating Committees.

Ms. Bartolo was elected to WSA's Board in 1989.

Ms. Bartolo has strong finance, leadership and management skills, gained through her extensive employment in government for over 29 years, including her various roles in the building department, housing and community development and Secretary to the City Manager of Pueblo. Her experience with land and real estate development in those capacities ensure Ms. Bartolo is well-equipped to make informed decisions as a WSA Board member.

Gary L. Moore, Director and Secretary-Treasurer

Member of WSA's Audit, Finance and Nominating Committees.

Mr. Moore was elected to WSA's Board in 1989. He was appointed as Secretary-Treasurer in 2008.

Mr. Moore brings a wealth of financial, accounting, business and leadership experience to WSA. He has significant business experience gained during over thirty years in banking, serving in a variety of capacities including bank president, executive vice president, board member and loan department manager. Mr. Moore has a strong track record in vision, leadership and strategic planning as these traits were a necessity throughout his extended experience in banking. Mr. Moore possesses the skills necessary to perform in-depth accounting and business financial analysis. This experience provides invaluable guidance to WSA's Board and its Finance Committee.

Randy R. Fuss, FLMI, Director and President/CEO

Member of WSA's Audit, Finance and Nominating Committees.

Mr. Fuss has been employed with WSA since March 1988. He was elected as a Director in 1995. He was appointed as President and CEO by the Board of Directors in 1995.

Mr. Fuss has extensive experience in real estate investing, insurance and annuity administration. He has held licenses as a real estate broker, an insurance agent and worked as a certified real estate appraiser. Mr. Fuss has worked closely with the fraternal trade organization, American Fraternal Alliance (AFA), serving on committees in various capacities. His strengths in financial literacy, finance and business are evident in the growth and continued stability of WSA, even during recent challenging economic conditions. Mr. Fuss' leadership and vision are integral to WSA's success.

Cynthia Conte, Director

Member of WSA's Audit and Nominating Committees.

Ms. Conte was elected to WSA's Board in 1995.

Ms. Conte has over 20 years of business experience displaying strong organizational, planning and management skills. Ms. Conte has utilized her leadership skills to establish a strong track record of volunteerism and community involvement, both with WSA and independently. Her strengths in these areas provide Ms. Conte the perspective necessary at the board level to consistently emphasize WSA's commitment to its mission statement while still fulfilling its fiduciary role to its members.

Roger Lewis, Director

Member of WSA's Audit and Nominating Committees.

Mr. Lewis was elected to WSA's Board in 1995.

Mr. Lewis has over 30 years’ experience in real estate construction, owning his own construction business for over 20 years.  This experience directly translates to the skills necessary to effectively evaluate and make decisions about WSA's real estate and mortgage portfolios, as well as to analyze financial statements and budgets.  Additionally, Mr. Lewis has strong leadership skills, displayed through his role as WSA’s Junior Department Advisor for over 25 years.  The leadership, organizational, and management skills gained through his profession, as well as from leading WSA's junior members, enable Mr. Lewis to effectively balance WSA’s role as a financial institution while continuing a focus on its mission statement.

Micheal Osborn, Director

Member of WSA's Audit and Nominating Committees.

Mr. Osborn was elected to WSA's Board in 2001.

Mr. Osborn possesses extensive skills and experience in business and finance, having worked as a mortgage banker for over twenty years. Over the course of his career, Mr. Osborn held both an insurance license and a real estate broker license. He has a strong background in leadership, having served as a member of the Adams County 12 Board of Education. Mr. Osborn's strong analytical skills, particularly in the areas of accounting, ensure he is able to effectively analyze financial statements. Through his various positions, he acquired a wide range of experience at the senior management level. This background allows Mr. Osborn to provide important insight and contributions to WSA's vision and strategy

Lisa Povich, Director

Member of WSA's Audit and Nominating Committees.

Ms. Povich was elected to WSA's Board in 1995.

Ms. Povich has over twenty years experience in accounting, finance and management gained through her tenure as Vice President of Administration of Mile High Flea Market. Additionally, Ms. Povich's role in a variety of officer positions in one of WSA's lodges has developed strong leadership skills. Her focus on volunteerism in these roles allows Ms. Povich to strongly contribute to WSA's strategy and vision in terms of fraternal and community service.

Rocco Santangelo, Director

Member of WSA's Audit, Administrative and Nominating Committees.

Mr. Santangelo was elected to WSA's Board in 2001.

Mr. Santangelo has a strong real estate and insurance background, with over 30 years of residential and commercial experience. During those years he held active appraisal, real estate and insurance licenses. He has extensive insurance experience, having owned his own insurance brokerage for over 30 years. Mr. Santangelo possesses strong leadership skills, having held the office of president of one of WSA's largest lodges. He was also president of the Metro Denver Realty Board. Mr. Santangelo's extensive industry knowledge and experience lend invaluable insight at Board meetings.

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